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Get Ready, Take Action, Be Happy, Live Amazing!

Dr. Carolyn Edwards

My mission is to empower you be the happy, confident person you were born to be! 

Let me help you to go from where you are to where you want to be by celebrating your uniqueness, appreciating your gifts, discovering your purpose, setting goals, defining success on your own terms, spending time on what matters and taking action. Learn how to do what you love and live the life of your dreams with empowerment coaching, consulting, training, motivational speaking, books and products that help you learn from the past, love yourself and look forward to each day.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself. I can help you get lots of insight and clarity on what is right for you as you master the skills needed to let your perfect life unfold.  I will work with you to move beyond fear and focus on what matters to increase the joy you feel as you confidently live each day with passion, purpose and power.

Why me?

Empowering others is my life’s purpose. For the last 15 years I have been empowering people to love their lives and every coaching session, speech, class, book, presentation, product or service is dedicated to helping you “Be Happy” and “Live Amazing”! We will work together to manage the fear and eliminate roadblocks as we do the work to develop strategies that increase your confidence and resolve to define what success means to you, set goals and take action that bring you lasting results.

Let me help you think outside the box to discover and try new as well as proven methods that will help you develop the life of your dreams while enjoying the journey.  Let me empower you to feel good, do good and be good each and every day!

What People Are Saying


Hi, Dr. Edwards, I’ve been sitting here reading your book, Teach Online, for most of the afternoon, and I felt I should contact you. I’ve been reading books like this to pave the way for highly educated friends of mine who’d like to escape their 9-5 desk jobs, and I’ll definitely be recommending your book to them!” Erin Lovell Ebanks

“I needed help and was stuck. I wanted to start a business but I did not know where to start. Thank you for helping me get clear and going in the right direction.” R. Jones

“You have gone above and beyond my expectations to empower and encourage me to ask for what I wanted, a raise. It was such a pleasure to realize the power I always had.” T. Brown

“Your words in “I Look Good” inspire me to never give up. I am a work in progress but I am no longer afraid to do what is necessary to live my life on my terms. ” K. Hartwell

“I was afraid to get coaching. I didn’t think I needed someone to help motivate, inspire and support me in having and keeping a work/life balance. It was just what I needed to stay focused on what matters.”C. Scott

“Hearing you speak at the women’s conference inspired me to finally take the time to write my story. Thank you for using your life to help others.” S. Simms


Dr. Edwards has over 15 years of empowerment coaching, speaking and training experience to get you on the right track.

Get the tools to:

  • Discover your purpose
  • Develop your vision
  • Set Goals
  • Take Action
  • Boost self confidence
  • Get unstuck
  • Be fearless
  • Advance your career/life/business
  • Get direction
  • Learn how to BREATHE
  • Manage Change
  • Get Results
  • Do work you love, on your terms

“The successful person is not the one with the most money but the one that brings success to what they do.”

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Empowerment Coaching

“Empowering you to be focused, fearless and fabulous.”

– Dr. Edwards