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3 Simple Ways to Discover Your Purpose

If you have breath in your body, you have a reason for living. Our ultimate purpose is to be our most honest, truest selves at all times. There is no one else in the world exactly like you that can do what you do exactly the way you can. You are an original creation designed for a reason.

Use your uniqueness to make life better, more fulfilling and just all around fabulous! You do not have to compare your journey with the progression of others. Your journey is unique and only for you. Tomorrow is not promised so live life to the fullest while being the best expression of you that you can be.

 Find-Your-Purpose-Dr Carolyn Edwards

Here are simple ways to begin to realize your purpose:

Seek it.”

Look at things you love to do or are good at and would do even if you did not get paid for it. Be careful that you stay open to this process because sometimes we think our careers are our purpose. Your purpose might not have anything to do with what you currently do for a living.

Ask family, friends and colleagues.”

Query others about what you do well. Begin to look for patterns of activities that make you feel alive, energized, self-confident or happy. These events or activities could be good indicators of your purpose. Make sure you do not let others talk you into their ideas of your purpose. Process the information received, then act on the ideas that feel right. Remember your purpose is unique to you.

“Be patient.”

Discovering your purpose should be a fun filled journey of discovery that helps you learn more about your gifts, talents and passions. Give yourself time to process the information and step outside the box as you try different paths and ideas. Most of us have discovered our purpose over many years and many different experiences.  You might not know your purpose today but never give up. You are worth the effort!


Dr. Carolyn Edwards is an empowerment author, trainer, coach, speaker and graduate management professor and author of I Look Good, I Feel Good, I Am Good. The Woman’s Guide to Love, Peace and Happiness helping people worldwide walk in their purpose, live with passion, do what they love and love what they do. She has over 20 years of experience that spans across education, government, private and nonprofit industries.  For more information or email find her on twitter @dreoncall or Facebook – drcarolynedwards

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