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Be Happy – 3 Ways to Enjoy Your Life

Ever found yourself in a rut and not enjoying life as much as you used to? As women we are busy encouraging, loving, motivating and loving everyone. We spend so much time nurturing relationships with children, bosses, spouses, friends, family and community that we often forget to love and appreciate ourselves.

This week I am talking about something I wrote in  I Look Good, I Feel Good, I Am Good. The Woman’s Guide to Love, Peace and Happiness, how to enjoy your life.

I took an assessment of how I was feeling over the last few weeks. I was not my normal happy self. I didn’t laugh as much and I was stressing over very small things. I was not enjoying my work like I did just a few weeks ago.

What I’ve learned is that you have to spend time loving, appreciating and enjoying your life in order to have the time, energy, patience and love to give to others. We must practice giving the same love and attention that we give to others, to us.

Don’t worry. Here’s a few simple ways to get your happy back by adding in some joy:

1.    Assess

Each second, minute or hour you spendfun_quote caring for others is time taken away from loving and appreciating yourself. Take inventory of how you feel each day. Ask yourself:

Are you happy? Are you fulfilled with your work? Do you laugh at least once per day? Have you smiled more than 5 times today?

If you are not enjoying your life think about where you’ve been spending your time. Are you spending time on activities that satisfy you and add value to your life?

Start including activities in your day that make you full of joy. Start with 5 minutes per day doing things that make you smile.

2.    Laugh

Ever heard the phrase, “Kids say the darndest things”? If you ever want to see happiness in action, watch children as they play. They are so free and involved in what they are doing. They laugh, they smile and they run. They don’t worry about the next activity or what’s going to happen after they finish. All children know is how to enjoy what they are doing right now in the present moment. Don’t have access to children on a daily basis? Find a funny video and laugh until your sides hurt. There are millions of them on the internet.

3.    Enjoy

Catch yourself being funny. People always tell me how funny I am. I can take a not so funny subject like the aches, pains and strange things we experience as we age and make light of it. Even though ageing can feel scary, it is a part of life. So instead of being mad about things that can’t be avoided find humor in them and keep it moving!

Remember focus on putting happiness, laughter and joy into your life. Be in the now and appreciate each step, each moment, each day.


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