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4 Step Stress Makeover

2014 was a tough year. Expanding a small business, helping my husband recover from a near death experience, honoring professional commitments, taking care of family, praying and waiting for my mother to recover in the hospital while ensuring bills were paid on time caused a great deal of worry. Worrying created an abundance of unwanted stress.Just because we decide to move forward in the direction of our dreams does not mean we won’t experience some pitfalls, setbacks or delays. Stressful situations believe it or not offer lessons that can make our lives better. Feeling happy and loving each day is a choice. Here are 4 ways to stress less and feel more joy this year.   No Stress

 Stress Less and Experience More Happiness

 1.    Look for the positive

Our thoughts create our experiences. As we face major obstacles, the obstacles get bigger or smaller based on how we view them.  My many setbacks helped to create countless useful characteristics that helped make life more meaningful. Things like patience, persistence, courage and faith were learned as I moved forward.  During hard times you can learn and hone transferrable skills that can be used in life and your career. Skills like organization, time management, problem solving, attention to detail and multitasking are just a few assets that will serve you well.

2.    Re-evaluate your to-do list

Life’s demands have a way of wearing us down. When we put too many must do items on our ever expanding to-do list we feel stress.  Look over your list of things to do. Can you finish some items at a later date? Can you delegate a few to others? Better yet, can you delete some from the list? Prioritize your to do list by putting the items that are most meaningful or critical at the top then do your best to spend time on the activities that matter most.

3.    Make peace with the bad

We all make mistakes. No matter how old we are we will continue to make them. This is how we learn. Have compassion for yourself when things don’t turn out the way you plan. Don’t beat yourself up. Ask yourself if you could do it over again to make things better what would you do? Then move forward knowing you have accepted responsibility for your role in how things turned out and that you can and will make different choices next time. Steve Harvey has an inspirational story of how he accepted his role in how things did not work on and moved on to million dollar success.

4.    Remember the best is yet to come

Just because you’re faced with a difficult situation does not mean you will be in this place forever. Some of my most trying times like losing all my stuff in a house fire, seems like a distant memory. Time can help you move out of the negative and into the positive. If you have financial issues find ways to cut back on expenses. If you have career concerns invest in yourself. Get a coach or mentor to help catapult you to the career of your dreams. Each new day brings new opportunities for peace, happiness and joy.You have the power to live a happy life of purpose and passion!


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Dr. Carolyn Edwards is the Happiness Professor, speaker, coach, trainer and author of I Look Good, I Feel Good, I Am Good. The Woman’s Guide to Love, Peace and Happiness helping women worldwide get their happy back and live amazing!!

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