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Dr. Carolyn Edwards helps women worldwide live amazing, be amazing and do amazing things by walking in their purpose, living with passion, doing what they love and loving what they do. She uses her life to help others live fully on purpose with passion and power!

Clients call when they need purpose, direction, focus, transformation, understanding, strategy, insight, coaching, training and empowerment products to motivate, inspire and empower them to perform at new levels. Empowerment is her business!

Dr. Edwards was born and raised in Washington, DC and is a Howard University Alumnus. She holds a Masters and Doctorate degree in management. She is a leader in empowerment with over twenty years of experience empowering, motivating and inspiring people in academia, government, nonprofit and fortune 500 organizations uncover their purpose, set goals and take action! This shines through in her many books, presentations, courses and coaching sessions.  

She knows what it feels like to lose a job, have personal, financial and career setbacks while searching for connection, direction and guidance. After losing all of her material possessions in a home fire, Dr. E picked herself up and took action to begin writing, coaching, teaching and inspiring people to “Live Amazing”!

You have the power within you to live your dreams! Let Dr. Edwards help you learn how to focus, conceptualize, strategize, organize and actualize your best life. Get the tools to move beyond fear and into success!

Every product I create is to help you live your dreams.  My goal is to help you learn to love yourself, love your life and be happy each day. Whether helping you teach your children life basics, teaching you work hours that work for you by teaching online or living your life to the fullest —- each book is filled with practical hands-on advice that you can use today! Every product helps you remember that you are amazing and a worthy to live the life of your dreams! All books can be autographed.



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Make Money Educating Online – Dr. E on Radio

Make Money Educating Online

Having What Matters – Dr. E on Radio

Having What Matters


You are an original one of a kind creation designed for a specific purpose.

You have the right and the power to live the life of your dreams!