The Happiness Professor


What is Coaching?

According to Eric Parsloe, coaching is “a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful an empowerment coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process as well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the situation in which the coaching takes place”.

In other words Dr. Edwards is a master at empowering others to succeed, build self-esteem, change perspectives and transform inaction into action for maximum personal and professional results.

Get moving in the right direction

1.     Uncover your purpose, set goals and take action

2.     Learn the skills to reinvent yourself and transform your life

3.     Discover your perfect personal and professional balance

4.     Think your way to a better life

5.     Serve with an attitude of love and gratitude


Dr. E can help you:

  • Facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to help you in making real, lasting change.
  • Use tools and techniques to turn negatives into positives
  • Help you get clear about your values, vision and purpose.
  • Empower you to strategize, conceptualize and actualize your dreams.
  • Encourage a commitment to action
  • Improve performance, see the big picture, set and achieve short, medium and long term goals
  • Empower you to get moving, continually improve and develop new alliances

Dr. Edwards’ Coaching programs can help you:

Motivation, purpose, setting and achieving goals, life success, empowerment, landing your dream job, work/life balance and loving what you do while you do what you love.  Contact us for pricing.


Do you need to be inspired, motivated and empowered? Dr. E can help you through her motivational training and speaking services so that you learn how to stay positive, motivated and empowered for a life full of purpose, passion and power. She empowers others you to do what you love and love what you do. Take what you have and live fully. You have the power within you to live your dreams. Get help and learn how to focus, organize, strategize, conceptualize and actualize your best life. Move beyond fear and into success. She embodies the attitude of her signature statement, “I Look Good, I Feel Good, I Am Good” in each and every event. Book Dr. E today! Contact us for pricing.