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New I Look Good I Feel Good I Am Good Affirmations CD Coming

On this motivational and inspirational CD Dr. Edwards narrates the positive affirmations from her book of the same name, which are designed to help you manifest a life filled with love, faith, power, joy, peace, passion and purpose. Use the CD to increase self esteem, health, happiness, set goals and achieve success.

JustLikeUs Early Literacy Program – Book Review

We are currently in the process of reviewing books for inclusion in the program. If you are an author and would like your book considered. Please don’t hesitate to send an email to


  1. Books for ages birth to age 7
  2. Depicts multicultural children (preferably with a main character of color)
  3. Story designed to empower, inspire and motivate children to do great things or
  4. Helps children learn a concept such as counting, geography, math, english, self esteem, caring, sharing, acceptance, etc.
  5. Remember our goal is to get books in the hands of children in low income and underserved communities so authors must be willing to accept a maximum of 5 dollars per book.
  6. We also accept book donations and out of print books

We give these books free to children and volunteer our time and efforts to deliver them freely to those in communities that are under served, in poverty and in need of free books for children.

Will you help a child to read? Donate today or contact us for more information.