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Teach Online – 10 Simple Steps

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Leave rush hour traffic and commuting stress behind. Create your dream job and work anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Product Description

Learn how to take the skills you have and make money working online. Dr. Edwards interviewed over one hundred successful online workers and gives you the secrets they used to get their foot in the door and what they put in their application packages.

Get the inside track on what recruiters look for and why. Discover how to get your résumé to the top of the applicant pile. Whether you are a teacher, professor, professional or entrepreneur you have what it takes to make money working from home.

Use the book’s success resources like the list of online schools and online job sites as well as resume and cover letter examples to start your job search; then take action so you too make money working anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Get lots of wisdom, strategies and best practices in this book like:

  • Hiring Best Practices
  • Resume Examples
  • List of Online Schools
  • Advice from the Masters
  • Application Tools
  • Cover Letter Tips
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