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Teach Online

Live Amazing by doing work you love and never leave the house. Work anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Learn how to take the skills you have and make money working online. Take the reins of your life and career. Get the flexibility to do what you love while setting your own hours.Work from home in your pajamas or on the the beach in your swimsuit.

Leave behind the stress of rush hour traffic while struggling to get to work on time and the worry of how to find time for your personal and family appointments. You have the power to live the life of your dreams, let Dr. Edwards help you!

Dr. Edwards interviewed over one hundred successful online, virtual and telecommute workers and she gives you the secrets they used to get their foot in the door and what they put in their application packages to successfully work online. 

Teach Online is a step by step approach to help you take the skills you have and make money teaching them online. In 2011, over 6 million people have taken at least online course and this is expected to grow at more than 10% per year.

Teach Online in Just 10 Simple Steps lets you learn from the pros – those teaching online for years and making over 6 figures working from home. You can do it too!

K-12 teachers don’t give up your summer vacation to make extra money. Enjoy your life, enjoy your summer off and work virtually anywhere in the world.

Design the vision for your life, set goals and take action! Become an Online Adjunct Instructor, Online Facilitator, Online Teacher, Online Trainer, Online Tutor, Online Curriculum Developer, Online Writer, Online Course Developer. The opportunities are endless!


1.     How to land the job even if you don’t have online teaching experience

2.     Where to look for virtual job opportunities

3.     How to develop a winning resume

You can’t be successful if you don’t get the job. Other books teach how to be effective once you get the job but none provide step by step instructions on where to look & how to apply with tips from actual hiring officials as well as the tools and resources to make you stand out from the crowd.


1.     Work from home

2.     Leave rush hour traffic behind

3.     Have flexible schedules

4.     Work your own hours

5.      Use latest technology

6.      Spend time with family

7.      Earn extra money

8.      Have time to live your dreams