Take Action

Dr Carolyn Edwards Life Coach

"You have purpose, gifts & talents that can change the world." - Dr. Carolyn

Dr Carolyn Christian Coach

My calling and purpose are to help inspire, empower, teach, train and encourage you to live out yours. Understanding how God made you and wants to use your life, skills, talents, experiences, and gifts is extremely important.  Did you know God designed you with gifts and talents that line up with your purpose? Take action by investing in yourself. Learn how to:

  • Uncover and understand God's purpose for your life

  • Develop a clear vision

  • Understand and live out your "WHY"

  • Uncover and understand your gifts and talents

  • Focus on what matters most

  • Live an inspired life with passion

  • Love you

  • Enjoy the journey 

  • Develop a plan of action and move forward

  • Choose faith over fear

  • Find a career that fits your calling

  • Learn the how-to of writing and publishing your book

  • Run Your Race

  • Motivate your team

Dr. Carolyn is available to help you get focused, develop a plan and get moving in the direction of your purpose. 


With over twenty-five years of academic, vocational, and business experience Dr. Carolyn Edwards is dedicated to serving the people. She is a minister, life coach, motivational speaker, trainer, author, and podcaster focused on inspiring and empowering people to joyfully and authentically live out their God given purpose. Her goal is to help people realize they are authentic, one-of-a-kind creations with gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that no one can bring to life, but them.  She has also taught graduate management courses for 15 years and is currently co-hosting a successful podcast, writing books as well as running a small business to help people live their best lives now. Dr. Carolyn has earned a Ph.D. and Master's Degree in Management. In this season she is digging deeper to help others know their God-given purpose by completing a Master's degree at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.


Dr. Carolyn inspires and equips people to celebrate their uniqueness, love themselves, and believe in their ability to be 100% authentic as they take action. She is active in her church and community by mentoring and empowering youth and adults. She enjoys living her best life in Florida with her husband and son.