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Counseling/Coaching/Training - Your spiritual health and wellness, growth and development are important. Self-care and boundaries are not just needed, they are necessary. One or two hours on Sunday ain't enough to live a life of wellness and well-being. Get the spiritual coaching, counseling, and training so you see yourself as God sees you. Life is a process of ebbs and flows for which you are never alone. Get help understanding how to create an authentic life, the life you were created to live.  Learn how to live your best life now. 

Grief Coaching/Counseling -  Grief happens and it hurts. It's often confusing and emotionally draining. Grief can make you feel like there's something wrong with you.  Did you know it often takes years to process grief? The truth is grief can be complicated. Get the tools to help you not only survive but thrive in ways that allow you to live your best life now.  Grief is real and unique for each individual. Learn healthy ways to cope and identify as well as implement positive tools to help you move forward without feeling guilty. Sign up for a free consultation.

Chaplain/Ministerial Services -   Whether you need inspiration, a motivational speaker, preacher, bible study, or small group teacher, Dr. Carolyn can help.  Dr Carolyn's compassion, support, and care are the foundation for ministering to the needs of people no matter the situation. 

Training Programs

Vision - get insight into who God says you are and learn how to move forward in the direction He leads. Vision board sessions, journaling classes, sermons, and speeches to support you in the journey. Great for living your best life, increasing self-awareness and self-esteem, moving beyond grief, beginning a new normal, team building, and motivating people for life, business, and team success.  This training can be tailored for retirees, women, men, teens, or those experiencing life changes like grief, divorce, marriage, singleness, navigating challenges, etc. 

Transition - you might not be where you want to be but you can certainly move forward with tools, wisdom, and insight so that you are no longer where you were. Learn how to navigate each season of life and appreciate all you were created to be as you embrace the power of the moment. Every breath is a fresh start. This training is suitable for all. Individual, Virtual, Online, and Group training are available.

HIV/AIDs Awareness and Prevention Training - Did you know African American women and seniors have the highest rates of HIV infection within the United States? Get the insight and training needed to save lives by preventing the spread of HIV and AIDs in your families, communities, and churches. 

Custom - need something not listed?  Coaching or specialized classes and training? Contact me so we can design the right coaching, counseling, training, or speaking engagements to get you, your team, group, congregation, or people in the direction of God's calling and purpose. 

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