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In just ten simple steps this how-to guide by Dr. Carolyn Edwards serves up tips, resources, and exercises to help you live with purpose and passion.  Simple yet practical tools, scripture, inspirational quotes, and stories of courageous women, help you start now to not only look good but feel good from the inside out. By the end you'll uncover sabotaging beliefs and change I can't to I can as well as make each day an amazing adventure by living your best life!

Learn how to:
Walk in your purpose​ and appreciate each day
Do what you love and love what you do
Turn setbacks into comebacks
Understand the real meaning of success
Be your authentic self
Live with joy

Live Your Best Life Now!

Make Money Virtually

Work from home doing what you love virtually. Create your own classes or find out how successful online instructors got their foot in the door and what they put in their application packages or create your own classes. Get the inside track on what recruiters look for and why. Bonus - list of online schools and online job sites to start your instructor job search, and then take action so you too can make money Teach Online.

You Don't Need Permission or Approval to Be Who God Called You To Be.

You Don't Need Permission or Approval to Be Who God Called You To Be.

Dream Big

Children can learn with Jeremiah in this board book that tells the story of Little Jeremiah as he dreams about all the wonderful things he can do with his life and accomplish through faith, hard work, and persistence. The book shows children in vivid detail and colors of various genders and ethnicities as they see themselves in Jeremiah's dream in careers such as pilot, chef, and president. This book helps empower and inspire children to dream big.


Money Basics for Children

Go with Jeremiah as he learns how to be responsible with his money. The book contains money basics such as earning, saving, and giving to teach children money principles, value, and worth. Learning money management early can help shape children's minds and teach them the value of financial management to help secure their futures. This book shows vivid pictures of children depicted in various colors, faces, and ethnicities doing positive things with their money. It also provides counting basics and life basics of sharing, caring, and saving.

Don't go it alone!


Get Motivational Tips & Resources 

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I Look Good I Feel Good by Dr Carolyn Edwards

Bible Study

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