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Meet Dr. Carolyn

"God loves you and has given you power to create the life of your dreams"

- Dr. Carolyn Edwards

Christian Motivational Speaker

God has given me the gift of encouragement and knowledge and I've always loved helping people to have hope, love God, love themselves, and live their best lives.  As a minister I help people learn and remember that trouble does not last always, there is a purpose for their lives, keep dreaming and never give up. 


 What do you really want to do, be or have?

Success is an inside job. Let's work together to get you moving in the right direction.  Whether you need one on one grief counseling, life strategies, a keynote speaker, facilitator, panelist, commencement speaker, or guest to talk don't hesitate to let me know how I can assist. Get help understanding yourself and the seasons of life. Learn about your gifts, your worth, your purpose, and live your life with passion as only you can. Don't go it alone, I'm just a phone call or email away.


Dr. Carolyn Edwards - Bio

Minister Dr. Carolyn Edwards is a grief counselor and life strategist. A licensed minister and chaplain, motivational speaker, trainer, author, podcaster, and professor focused on inspiring and empowering people to joyfully and authentically live out their God-given purpose. Dr. Carolyn has been helping people live their best lives for over fifteen years. Her goal is to help people realize they are authentic, one-of-a-kind creations with gifts, talents, skills, and abilities that no one can bring to life but them.  She has dedicated 15 years to grief counseling, life strategizing, teaching online college management courses, co-hosting a successful podcast, writing books as well as running a small business to help people live their best lives now. 


Dr. Carolyn is a sought-after speaker. She inspires and equips people to celebrate their uniqueness, love themselves, and believe in their ability to be 100% authentic as they take action. Every counseling session, class, speech, show, book, or product Dr. Carolyn creates and delivers is to fulfill her mission of empowering and inspiring people to fully and authentically. She helps people navigate the grief process as they live out their life's purpose. She is the CEO and Owner of "Sunday Aint Enough" personal and life development company.


Dr. Edwards believes in helping the underserved. She is active in her community and committed to helping the less fortunate through counseling, mentoring, and empowering youth and adults that often feel hopeless and are in need of help. She is very active in her church and enjoys living her best life in Florida with her husband and son.


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